Tenkara Guided Trips

Montana is the Mecca for trout fishing in the West. CrossCurrents Fly Shop, located in Helena, Montana, is a short drive from the world famous Missouri River and Big Blackfoot River as well as many small tributaries filled with wild and native trout. The Missouri River offers trophy-sized rainbows and browns while the Big Blackfoot and other smaller freestone streams provide a more intimate and natural experience fishing for native westlope cutthroat.

IMG_1183I’ve been fishing Tenkara for over five years and love its simplicity. Tenkara style fly-fishing offers new opportunities for the novice and experienced angler. Once you’ve spent the day fishing Tenkara you will never look at a river the same way! In addition to fly fishing, I enjoy western history and learning about the bugs trout eat. I teach courses on both subjects at Carroll College. A teacher by trade, I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. Catching fish is fun, but understanding how to read a river, entomology, and the history of the area really makes for a memorable day. Whether you are looking for big water and big fish or small water and native trout, I can facilitate the ideal trip for you. Come fish with me in Montana!

-Brad Hansen


Full Day (1-2 Anglers) $395
Half Day (1-2 Anglers) $295

Contact Info:
CrossCurrents Fly Shop
(406) 449-2292

2 thoughts on “Tenkara Guided Trips

  1. Hi. Floating Smith River with a 6/28 launch date. Besides a conventional fly rod, I just purchased a Tenkara rod. Would the Smith be a good River on which to use the Tenkara as well as my other rod?


    • Dave,
      Just so you know, we have moved our blog to http://www.crosscurrents.com There I have a 3-part blog series on the Smith River. Yes, Tenkara would be another great choice in rods to take for that time of year. The flows the end of June coupled with the increase in dry-fly action would make a Tenkara rod a great choice. If you have any further questions, please visit us at our website http://www.crosscurrents.com If you need another rower on your trip, let me know, I’d love to go down this year! Happy Floating and Fishing. –Jennifer


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