On The Road Report: Streamer Session Edition


It’s that time of year again; hunters have taken to the hills, the ambitiously lethargic have returned to their recliners for the remainder of the year and the Salmo trutta are getting feisty. Arguably one of the more voracious fresh water salmonids the fall Brown Trout feeding frenzy is kicking off. The frenzy comes from the necessity of packing on girth in preparation for their annual fall spawn, the inevitability of a fast approaching winter and straight up pissing off these predators protecting their eggs once they have spawned. Like a fat man at a buffet table these fish feed aggressively and opportunistically and with an endless supply of food rolling past their faces, they can pick out the most prime of morsels. With a few days reprieve from the shop I spent some time on a few stretches of semi-local freestone exploiting this genetic weakness.

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Missouri River Fishing Report 9.11.15


Finally getting back into the swing of things here in Craig MT; personally and fishing wise. With all the college kiddos’ back on campus the Craig shop called in the Calvary, so for the last few weeks yours truly has been kickin’ it in the town of two bars and too many trout. The primary reasons I’ve failed to provide you fine folks with the most up to date fishing info as the summer crowds subside and the fall fishing starts to pick up. My deepest apologies. Now that we’ve got all that out-of-the-way, let’s get down to business, you didn’t come to read about the awesome times I’ve been having at Uncle Joes Bar (I hope).

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Montucky Tales


Montana Gold

Montana is a place. Wild. Vast. Beautiful. Most importantly it is plum full of trout. Here at the Craig shop most of our off time is spent drinking beer and fishing for the non-natives, browns and rainbows on the MO. Occasionally, the team members will go for back country excursions in search of the native trouts of Montana. When we return we tell the tales. Honestly, most of the tales are not true. This might be one of those tales, but maybe, it isn’t. Continue reading

On The Road Report: Regularly Scheduled Programing Edition


If you’ve been swinging by the shop or spending your afternoons around the Blackfoot Brewery over the last two months you’ve probably heard me bitching whining about my lack of motorized transportation. The good news is the Subaru is back on the road and I’m mobile again! After eight arduous weeks of fly fishing booty calls, trading flies for rides and generally whoring myself out for a lift to the river I called in sick yesterday; suffering from a bad case of Pteronarcys californica fever loaded up some big bugs, filled some growlers, and put some miles on the Suby’s fresh valves. Rumor of big bugs popping on the Madison, south I go.  Continue reading

Central Montana Update: Beers, Bugs & BS Weather Edition


Great weekend to be in Central Mon-freakin-tana! Loads of fun things going down this weekend in the greater Missouri River watershed, beers, bugs and plenty of ways to get into trouble as we herald in the greatest part of the year, that’s right folks Small Stream Opener !  Not to mention Caddis Fest today in Craig. Beer, bugs & debauchery what more could you want? Decent weather would be a plus, but I’m not holding my breath. With all the fun going on it makes sense the weather gods plan on unleashing a typical spring torrent on us. Wind, rain, and all the other typical crap weather we have to deal with this time of year. Looking at some of the gauges I can’t complain too much, we need the water, every drop helps. My first piece of advice for this weekend is simple: Gore-Tex. Don’t be discouraged though, it’s a good weekend to, buck up, huck some junk. Let’s go through the spring creek / beer fest survival guide. Continue reading