12 Days of FISHmas


For the holiday gift giving season we will be featuring one of our specials counting down the 12 days to Christmas!  We’re calling it the 12 Days of FISHmas!  We have LOTS of great deals throughout our shop all month long but these are some of our fun deals you don’t want to miss! (You can still take advantage of the deals from the earlier days if we still have those items in stock.)

You can still take advantage of these specials even if you don’t live in our area.  Like Santa, we can deliver your goodies right to your door.  You’re tight for time so it will have to be expedited shipping which will cost a little bit but your loved one or fishing buddy is worth it!

Day 1- Classes and Schools!


Day 2- 20% Off Tenkara Rod Outfits!


Day 3- Loaded Fly Boxes!


Day 4- Books & DVDs.


Day 5- 20% Off Orvis Rod Outfits!  Includes ANY H2, Recon, Superfine Glass, Superfine Carbon and Clearwater, ANY Reel, ANY Fly Line and ANY Backing!  Straight up sweet deal.  (Remember, nothing says, “I love you” like an H2!  Just sayin’)


Day 6- Loaded Lanyards!  Buy any lanyard and get 25% off any accessory to put on their lanyard (hemos, nippers, zingers, floatant, etc.)


Day 7- Fly Tying Goodies (feathers, fur, hooks and more)!

Day 8- Hats, Caps & T-Shirts!  Fly our flag and save!

Day 9- Loaded Packs (including Slings).  Packs & Slings are 99.9% of our sales these days -no more vests (unless you’re from “back East”)

Day 10- Orvis Waders & Korkers Boots.  Buy any Orvis wader and get 30% OFF a pair of Korkers Wader Boot.


Day 11- Guided Trips!  Give the gift of knowledge, fun and laughter.  A trip down the river with one of our Guides is special indeed.  No expiration date on these so all they have to do is pick a day and 

Day 12- Hank Patterson Movie Tickets!  (FREE DVD with the purchase of 2 tickets for the first 50 peeps!)


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